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ONE LDN Strength and Conditioning studio is about learning, progression and results!
Renowned for its Strength & Conditioning and Olympic Weightlifting classes, ONE LDN Strength and Conditioning studio merges science backed programming, expert coaching, high performance cross training with most effective high intensity training. High energy sweat filled classes are led by some of the best Strength and Conditioning, GB weightlifting and CrossFit experts and are based around simple but results driven 12 week programming using compound exercises. Each WOD (workout of the day) will focus on either a AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) or METCON (metabolic conditioning) style session. The sessions promise low impact workouts and high calorie burn and after burn.


Strength is the foundation for any athletic performance. It is also extremely important for building your perfect functional body, losing fat, increasing lean muscle mass and preventing injury and many diseases.

Strength training is not just about building your muscle size. It also has a lot to do with your ability to use your brain to recruit your muscle fibers. In other words, it is a skill. And like any skill, you only get better at it with repetition and consistency.
ONE LDN have created most effective 12-week science backed programming cycle based on the 3 distinct training phases to maximise your training capabilities and help you to build a strong and functional physique.

Monitor your progress and test yourself at the end of each cycle to see just how much progress you have made. No more feeling like you’re in a training plateau and not achieving the results. With commitment, consistency and following this scientifically proven method, with elite coaches on hand, you are guaranteed to see long lasting results.


Every class of the program will combine the science backed approach to strength training with a sweat filled conditioning element to teach you to move effectively whilst whipping you into the most sublime shape.

The programme will begin with a testing week allowing members to set a benchmark of their current level of strength across the major compound lifts. We will test 5RMs and educate members on how to calculate their 1RMs and % from there.

Phase 1 ‘Hypertrophy’ – developing the foundations of strength. We start with four weeks of high-volume training to prepare your muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons for strength workouts. Focus on a handful of basic exercises to target all major muscle groups: squats, hip extension exercises, variations of the bench press, a row and variations of the military press. Big focus on mastering technique and getting rid of any bad habits at this point under the supervision of our coaches.

Once the foundations of strength have been set, the next four-weeks will be Phase 2 ‘Strength’ – here we continue to develop the foundation of strength by changing up some exercises and increasing the intensity. Repetition ranges will come down as loads start to increase.

Moving into the final four weeks – Phase 3 ‘Power’ - at this point, the foundations of strength are developed, so the workouts focus on power development. We introduce Post- activation Potentiation (PAP), which combines strength training with plyometrics to maximise muscle activation. Compound movements paired with a "power" movement to isolate one part of the body.

The final week of Phase 3 will be a re-test week where we will go back to the major compounds and re-test 5RMs.

28 Day Reset
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Class listing
Strength & Sweat (Lower Body)
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Strength & Sweat (Upper Body)
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Strength & Sweat (Full Body)
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Weightlifting (All)
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Strength Series (Upper Body)
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Halloween Throwdown
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Festive Santa Sackdown
Teams of 2. Mixed Pairs. Male pairs. Female pairs.
The One LDN Festive Santa Sackdown will be a partner based competition giving members the opportunity to put their strength and fitness to the test. Expect workouts designed to test strength, power, speed, endurance and above all, teamwork. Get competitive and prepare for great party vibes all with a festive theme. Push Santa’s Sled, swing some jinglebells, run faster than Rudolph and lift the most sacks of presents to be crowned Santa’s 'Head Elves' of the evening
3 Events. Then a final.*There will be no Olympic lifting or gymnastic style movementsFancy Dress welcome.
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