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Want to take part in our Strength and Conditioning classes but feel out of shape, intimidated and have no idea what you are doing? Or maybe you have never stepped foot in a gym before? Intimidated by a large group and the scary weights zone? Perfect, this 4 day course is for you!

What is fundamentals?

The Fundamentals Course is an introduction to the movements and skills that you will encounter in Strength & Conditioning classes. We will break down these key movements into small, digestible portions to ensure you know what you’re doing and why when you come to group classes with various experience levels. Good technique and efficient movement will unlock the potential to reach new levels of strength and fitness no matter where you’re starting.

Why is it important?

Whether you are brand new to fitness or an avid fitness enthusiast, everyone needs a solid foundation. Mechanical integrity (aka ‘moving well’) is paramount when training. Having expert eyes on you every step of the way ensures that you are moving safely, efficiently and are working at the right intensity for you. Not only will this help to prevent the onset of niggles and injuries that sometimes crop up due to poor movement patterns in the gym, it will also ensure you are constantly developing your skills and progressing into a well rounded, stronger version of yourself.

This course allows us to solidify your foundational knowledge and also gives the coaches a chance to get to know you. It’s also the perfect time to address any personal limitations so that when you come to class with a larger group, we already know how to scale the workout.

I have no idea what I am doing?

Strength and Conditioning is for everyone - it’s the foundations of healthy body and anyone’s fitness. Everyone who comes to train with us wants to improve and be a better version of themselves. It is a collaborative, supportive and friendly environment where everyone is pushing at their own pace under expert guidance from the coach. No one is too big or too small, too old, too unfit. All we ask is that you show up with an open mind and a willingness to try new things.

I’m already fit and strong, what will I get out of it?

The highest level athletes in the world (Olympians) have coaches. If you have gotten so far alone, imagine what you can do with a fitness professional to help you along your athletic pursuits? You will also get the support of like-minded individuals who will help you find a new gear in your training.

Example Format

Class 1
Intro to Back Squats
Cover the mechanics of Squats
Go over Barbells types etc
How to set up
Mechanics of squatting with a bar
Introduction to Tempo and why?
Workout time
Types of workouts Time or Task dependant
How to approach
Breaking down a workout
Strategy of a work out
Movements in the work
Coaching and Practice
Stretch off and Chat

Class 2

Intro to Deadlifts
Mechanics of the Hinge movement & practice
Recap of Barbells
Movement practice with bars
Coaching and correction
Adding weight and building confidence
Whilst being coached in detail on this movement.
Different type to the first
Movement Demos
Coaching of movement
Strategy and chat about the workout
Workout and Stretch off

Class 3
Intro to Unilateral movements Lower body
Split Squats
Single Leg RDL
Etc etc
Coaching the selected movements
Practice and coaching time
Explain about Practicing the movements
Motor Control
Tempo (benefits of time under tension)
Rowing technique
A workout with rowing and the benefits of this type of training (metabolic response etc)
Movement selection and coaching
Practicing pacing and introducing Muscular Endurance
Stretch and chat

Class 4

Intro to Unilateral work Upper Body
Exercises like
Single arm kneeling press
KB work
Coaching and practicing of all the movements selected
Again build into a set and practice working as a group through
The importance of rest between sets and why?
Exercise selection
Coaching and practicing the movements
Making sure there is lots of variation in the final workout
Workout and stretch


Every Monday & Fridays at 6.30pm. Course will start every Monday.

For further information, please drop us an email at imperialwharf@oneldn.com

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