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The Plant Powered Prescription with Jenna McKean


Saturday 19th October - 12.30 till 2.30pm


"I'm a full time Crossfit Coach and a competitive athlete in both Crossfit and Olympic Weightlifting, competing and medalling at national and international levels. And I'm a full time vegan :) as a child I was curious about where my food came from and thanks to the magic of the internet, I uncovered the gory truth. My parents supported me in going veggie when I was 8 y/o but it wasn't until 18 months ago that I cut out eggs and dairy.

I always thought we must need to consume some form of animal byproduct to survive and thrive, but I started reading up on vegan athletes and realised that this simply wasn't the case. I experienced inner turmoil over the fact that I morally disagreed with eating this way when it wasn't necessary but I was also unequipped with the knowledge on how to eat fully plant based.

I looked for support and accountability from performance based nutrition services and found that it basically did not exist! I had to do all of the laborious research myself. I worried my performance would suffer, or that my body composition could be compromised if I didn't get things right. For the first couple of weeks it was really hard. Then I started having fun with it! It was kind of like learning how to eat again and my body just felt better and better as I went on. I was enjoying cooking new foods and trying new recipes and the feeling of 'missing' anything went away really quick once I realised there was a vegan alternative to literally EVERYTHING!
Once people found out I was vegan they turned to me for help in during their own transition to going plant based. So fast forward to the present, I started Plant Powered because there was a serious lack of support for vegans and those who wanted to transition, and I know I'm in a position to help.

I want to make eating plant based easy, delicious and nutritionally balanced. I lead a busy lifestyle myself and don't have loads of time to spend in the kitchen every day, so I want to share my tips and tricks to making vegan easy on the go. If you're vegan or someone who's considering going more vegan, I'd like to share my knowledge with you to save you time and unnecessary overwhelm. I understand that eating to perform, whether it be for competing in sport or for body composition, requires a high protein diet and I'm here to show you that it's totally possible. No fads, no nonsense, just facts.Essentially it would begin with a socratic discussion about the conflicts we are facing today (i.e. climate change) and using animals as commodities."

“The Plant Powered Prescription”

Eat to perform as a vegan- Nutrition Workshop

  • General nutrition review - what do our bodies need to thrive?
  • Essential micronutrients & where to get them from plants
  • Vegan protein - what and how much!
  • The Gluten-Free vegan
  • Mock meats & substitutes VS whole-foods vegan
  • A guided approach to transitioning to being vegan
  • Making vegan easy & practical in a society that hasn’t quite caught up yet

What it would include:
- Macro's, particularly protein
- Micro's (particularly those we worry lack in a vegan diet & where to get them)
- How to fuel your body around training
- Fueling your body during all stages of life inc. pregnancy & childhood
- How to put together a balanced nutrition plan yourself
- Informal discussion about principles behind it if the members bring it up and want to discuss

What it would not include:
- Anything disturbing or upsetting such as footage intended to shock people
- Guilt trips
- Preaching
- An all or nothing, perfectionist attitude


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