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Fight Camp


The 10week Fight Camp programme:

This includes 3 training sessions a week which will focus on developing your fighting style through defence and attack drills, footwork drills, plenty of pad and bag work, lots of sparring and very tough conditioning circuits. The result is that your skill and fitness levels will rocket, and you'll be mentally and physically prepared for your bout.

Training times:
Tuesday & Thursday: 8:30pm – 9:30pm & Saturdays: 12:00 - 1pm

Fight Information:
You will compete in a 3 x 2minute bout on one of our Fight shows.

Fight Weight:
On your first session we will weigh you in and take a headshot. You will more than likely be asked to drop weight - this will be no more that 6-8kg, and we will offer advice on how to achieve this.

Fight Matching:
Your opponent will be decided on based on your weight, experience, fitness level and ability. We have a number of gym contacts throughout the UK with plenty of people of all levels who wish to compete.


How fit do I need to be to join the Fight Camp? Ideally you are already attending the gym 2 times a week

How much is the course? £400 upfront

Do I have to come to all 30 sessions? Ideally, but we understand if you can’t make a couple. You’ll be expected to do training outside of the course too.

Do I get a refund/ alternatives classes if I miss any? No

Do I get a refund if I am injured? If you are unable to fight on a later show, we will need a doctor’s letter.

Is there any sparring? Yes, but you must bring a gumshield

What equipment do I need? 3.5m hand wraps, and we recommend that you purchase your own 16oz gloves (you won’t be able to spar in anything else)

How many people are on a course? Between 10 – 14 per course

Who do I fight? We’ll find a match according to your weight, experience, fitness and ability

Will I need to lose loads of weight? You may be asked to lose up to 6kg, but no more.

Is it safe? Boxing can be a dangerous sport, however we follow best practice to ensure you are fight fit, confident and ready to fight.
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