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Boxing Skills
With a maximum of 14 people per group, all of whom have a minimum of 6 months experience, we focus on the individual’s progress. We’ll work on your footwork and movement just as much as your punches, slips, rolls and blocks.We’ll introduce you to your backfoot and your front foot to develop you into a more rounded boxer. We’ve got plenty of southpaws too!

Classes include pad work, bag work, footwork and technical sparring as well as a tough boxing conditioning finisher.

Do I need to have any boxing experience to join the membership classes? Yes, 6 months or you must have completed the Boxing Basics Course

How many people per class? 14 maximum

Is there sparring? There may be technical sparring

Do I need a gumshield? Yes

Do I need equipment? You must have hand-wraps and we recommend your own 16oz gloves.
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